Dear colleagues and UIME members!

I have the honor to invite you to attend the 13th UIME European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, taking place for the first time in Ukraine, Kiev, May 15-17 at Hayatt Regency Kiev hotel. It is situated in the very heart of our capital near the Cathedral of St. Sophia and the main street of Khreschatyk.

This is the most remarkable event in the world of aesthetic medicine, that will gather best specialists from Europe and other world countries working in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, gynecology, stomatology and other specialties, all united by common task of improving human appearance and health.

European congress is a unique chance to meet leading scientists and practicing physicians from all over the world. Among others, let me highlight the Founding Fathers of aesthetic medicine – Honorary President of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine Jean-Jacques Legrand and the President of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Michel De Lune.

Highly eventful and diverse scientific program will be focused on the latest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine, that provide guaranteed, safe results avoiding complications.

Hosting the UIME European congress of aesthetic medicine for the first time in Ukraine is a great honor for our country and all of us. We are certain that all congress participants will be satisfied with scientific content, possibility of face-to-face contact, sharing experience, acquainting with our centuries-old culture, traditions and enjoying the beauty of springtime Kiev. Looking forward to seeing you!

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President of the European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine UIME 2020
President of the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Professor V.A. Tsepkolenko

The main professional event in the world of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

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2020/05/15 09:00:00

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The Congress is included in the “Register of congresses, congresses, symposia and scientific and practical conferences held in 2020 by the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” and gives up to 30 points when receiving a qualification category.


UIME (Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique)


Jean-Jacques Legrand

Honorary President of the International Union of Societies of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME),
Honorary President of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine


Emanuele Bartoletti

Secretary-General of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME),
President, Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine


Andrzej Ignaciuk

President of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME),
President of the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Age Medicine (PTMEiAA)

Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenerologous



President of the European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine UIME 2020
President of the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (USAM), MD, PhD.



Moderator of International Symposium of Plastic Surgery.
President of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (UAPRAS), MD, PhD



Honorary President of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenerologous (UADV), MD, PhD.

UIME 2020

Main subjects of the Congress

Clinical dermatology:

  • Skin diseases in the practice of deramto-cosmetologist.
  • Benign skin new growths: pigmented, vascular, viral lesions etc.
  • Modern diagnostics and dermatology treatment mechanisms
  • Hypermelanosis in different skin phototypes
  • Dermato-cosmetologist’s tactics in cases of malign skin growths

Evidence-based methods in aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine

  • Evidence-based (EBM) methods in aesthetic medicine, what are they about?
  • EBM and evaluation of patient’s conditions in the clinic of aesthetic medicine
  • EBM in cases of replacement therapy,
  • EBM in laser treatment and other aggressive invasions
  • EBM in injectional practice.
  • EBM for complications evaluation.

Frontline multimodal approaches:

  • injectable fillers, botulinum toxins, threads
  • Prp, lipofilling
  • Lasers, lipofilling
  • Prp, lasers, microfocus ultrasonic therapy
  • fibroblasts, Prp, lasers

Advanced combinatory methods:

  • Injection products and threads
  • Prp & Lipofilling
  • Lasers & Lipofilling
  • Prp & lasers
  • Fibroblasts, Prp, lasers

Minimally invasive methods in aesthetic medicine

  • Facelifting: classics vs new approaches
  • Botulotoxins and fillers
  • Innovative peelings
  • Non-invasive rhinoplasty
  • The art of face sculpturing
  • Tendencies of male face rejuvenation
  • Body shaping and cellulitis

The role of synergy in rejuvenation procedures

  • The future of science and esthetics of ageing
  • Amino acids, regulatory peptides, vitamin complexes.
  • Botulotoxins for medical indications
  • Biostimulating fillers
  • Regenerative medicine in facial and body aesthetics as well as genitals correction
  • Stem cells, bioimplants, autologous growth factors.

Secrets of face and body anatomy

High Tech tehnologies in aesthetic medicine

  • Microfocus ultrasound therapy (HUFU) long term treatment effects
  • Fractional, injection RF in face and neck rejuvenation
  • IPL systems, LED therapy in dermatology treatment
  • Picoseconds laser systems
  • СО2, erbium, diode, ruby lasers – their relevance
  • New epilation laser systems


  • Traditional and innovative method of treating patchy, diffusive and cicatrical alopecia
  • Stem cells and Prp in alopecia treatment
  • Prevention of complications in hair transplantation

Aesthetic gynecology and andrology

  • Sexual function improvement and genital organs aesthetics
  • Aesthetic gynecology, aesthetic and practical issues
  • Complications in aesthetic gynecology and their prevention.
  • Erectile dysfunction

Aesthetic dentistry. New possibilities

Medical emergencies at the work of the EM doctor. Care delivery

Creative business innovation

  • Clinic management and high demands of patients
  • Marketing technologies and analytics in effective promotion of AM clinics

Extracts preparation requirements

Extracts (in Ukrainian and English languages) should be typed in Microsoft Word format, A4 up to 1800 signs with spaces, setting 2 cm margins from all sides, font Times New Roman 14, with 1 line spacing.

2 intervals
2 intervals
Author, organization, city, country

In order to take the decision of accepting the report into the Conference information package, it is necessary to send the extract(s) before April 15, 2020 to the organization committee address at: ng.smartcell@gmail.com
(when your extracts are accepted you will be notified by e-mail)

The information package will be published by the beginning of the event, that is why, the extracts sent after April 15, 2020 or not properly arranged according to the above requirements, will not be published.

Program and conference materials will be handed over to the participants of the event during registration.

Responsible for the scientific part of the program +3809753366 Natalia Ganenkova (viber, WhatsApp)

Morbi vitae nunc aliquet euismod dia dolor.

Speaker: David Wildwind
17:00 – 18:00

Morbi vitae nunc aliquet euismod dia dolor.

Speaker: David Wildwind
11:30 – 13:30
13:30-14:30 Coffee Break

Morbi vitae nunc aliquet euismod dia dolor.

Speaker: David Wildwind
17:00 – 18:00


WHY IT IS NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE UIME 2020 European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

Communication and networking

Hundreds of people in the hall are ready to get acquainted and networking with you

World-class practices

Get to know the world stars of medicine

Global trends

Find out before your competitors about new approaches, promising methods and technologies of the future in the treatment of your patients


We are sure that your notebooks will be filled with new ideas and plans for the future.


Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of new knowledge and discoveries with leading world experts

Medical Aesthetic Synergy Congress-2019: How It Was


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